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Anomatic is a full-service manufacturer of anodized aluminum components and product packaging for the Beauty and Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Medical, Automotive, Spirits and Consumer Electronics industries. It serves many of the world’s most recognized consumer brands from its headquarters in Newark, Ohio, and production facilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Business Need

With Anomatic’s pursuit of innovation focused on its products and services, its branding and marketing hadn’t kept pace. In order to continue to compete successfully in the global economy, Anomatic needed to modernize its brand and start leveraging the internet more effectively to generate leads and increase sales efficiencies.



Anomatic’s branding was inconsistent across marketing media, and like many manufacturers, its messaging was heavily product-oriented. No outbound marketing was being done to drive traffic to its website, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was not being utilized. The RFQ form on its website wasn’t automated, and the sales team lacked online tools to help them sell.

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Minds On took a strategically stepped approach to solving Anomatic’s business needs.

Refresh the Brand

Product-heavy messaging was replaced with targeted value-based messaging that drives buying behavior. Custom photography and a vivid palette were used to modernize and elevate the brand. Brand standards were created to ensure consistency across media.

Build a Responsive Website

Minds On designed and built a responsive website for Anomatic that can be viewed optimally from any mobile device or computer. SEO was incorporated to increase traffic to the site from organic search. A simplified RFQ form kicks off a fully automated RFQ process, saving the company time and compressing the sales cycle.

Multiple online sales materials were created, including a new video presentation, sales forms and collateral. Minds On also created a custom iPad application to give Anomatic sales reps fast, easy access to all the digital materials they need, wherever their job should take them.

Anomatic website

Anomatic landing page

Conduct Targeted Campaigns

With the brand updated, messaging on-target and the sales team fully equipped, Minds On developed targeted email marketing campaigns to increase online lead generation.

The Big Picture: Results

Anomatic and Minds on have forged a very successful business partnership. By utilizing Minds On’s expertise in digital marketing, Anomatic is realizing noteworthy gains:

  • Traffic to Anomatic’s website sessions has increased 14%.
  • Bounce rate on the website is down 8%.
  • New users have increased 5.25%.
  • Initial SEO efforts led to 22 keywords ranking organically on page one of Google search results.
  • The iPad app and online tools are being used extensively by the sales team.
  • The automated RFQ process has increased efficiencies in the sales process.
  • Responses to targeted campaigns have led to high-quality conversations with multiple Tier 1 companies in two targeted industries.
Winner-2015 Ohio Interactive Awards: Brand Response Campaign

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