Episode 01: Welcome and Overview of the Minds On B2B Podcast

Dan Harris, VP, Client Success
Minds On, Inc.

This is the first episode for the Minds On B2B podcast. This is a weekly show dedicated to helping B2B marketing and sales professionals learn from experienced peers to win more, lose less and succeed more often.


Our audience is B2B marketing directors, VPs and sales executives in mid-size businesses, or divisions of larger enterprise businesses.


In this very first episode, we tee-up the Minds On B2B podcast, let you know what to expect, and give you a hint of what we have in store for you in upcoming episodes.


If you have ideas for possible episode topics and would like to be a guest on the show, or you know someone who would be a great B2B teacher and coach, be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can find me by searching for dannydharris. You can also send me an email with the subject line "Minds On B2B Idea or Guest" to dan.harris@mindson.com. The more input we get from listeners, the more listeners we'll have, and the better this podcast is going to be.

00:00 Speaker 1: B2B marketing and sales can be tough to master. Sales cycles can be long, and buyers are notoriously difficult to close. That's why you need Minds On at your side. We're a B2B marketing and digital agency that's helped more than 200 clients evolve their brands, win more business and succeed more often. And we're ready to help you. Visit www.mindson.com today to schedule your no-obligation consultation. Now, on to today's program.

00:33 Dan Harris: I'm your host, Dan Harris, and welcome back to another episode of Minds On B2B. Thank you so much, everyone, for clicking, subscribing, sharing, downloading and, of course, listening to our podcast. This is a weekly show dedicated to helping busy B2B executives, marketers and sales professionals stay informed, learn something new, and perhaps apply a lesson learned or run with an idea shared by our guests. As we say at Minds On, all of our minds together are better than any one mind alone. Who knows, you just might like what you hear, connect, and network with us.

01:09 DH: Hello, everyone. This is episode one of many to come. I'd like to welcome you and thank you for tuning in. I will be your host for the upcoming episodes, so it's only fair that you should know a little bit about my background and the company I work for. I'm the VP of Client Success here at Minds On. Minds On is a business-to-business marketing agency. We're located in Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, and we serve clients nationwide. We specialize and work with marketing teams, and equip sales teams that market and sell software, technology, or manufacturers who manufacture goods. I named the podcast Minds On B2B. Why? Because it's catchy and it tells you, the audience, what it's about, which is bringing together brilliant minds in B2B marketing and sales to have conversations so we can learn by listening, and learn relevant and timely topics that matter. In this first episode of Minds On B2B, I hope to tee up the podcast, let you know what to expect, and give you a hint of what we have in store for you in the upcoming episodes.

02:18 DH: So, what can you expect to hear on the show? Well, like many of you, I enjoy listening, watching and learning from others. I've always been creative and curious to a fault. In my various roles at Minds On, I've worked with and learned from hundreds of clients and friends, and I'm fortunate to work with an incredible team here at Minds On that knows first hand from experience that working in marketing and/or sales in a B2B company is challenging. The sales cycles are long, and marketing to business influencers and buyers is incredibly tough.

02:51 DH: So, as I talk to and work with our clients and our friends and peers, they're in startups, mid-sized businesses, and even divisions of incredibly large enterprises, they're sharing the same story on how they achieve success in their B2B role. They've learned on the job, they've learned from their peers, from mentors and from other people in the trenches, people they work with or people they connect with in other B2B businesses. They really learn from one another. So, when I decided to host and produce a podcast, I wanted to dedicate it to helping business-to-business marketing and sales professionals, and it's my way of connecting to and speaking with other B2B brilliant minds and sharing that knowledge. I'm gonna continue to learn. You're gonna continue to learn, it's a win-win for everyone involved.

03:39 DH: You're probably asking, "How long will the show be? What can I expect to hear? What topics will be discussed when I listen?" Well, for me personally, I enjoy listening to podcasts on my way to and from work, on a walk with the dog or at the gym. So, I'm gonna do my best to keep the episodes between 20 and 30 minutes. You're gonna hear interviews from authors, executives, VPs, directors and managers of marketing and sales. I wanna talk with people who have written books about sales, who've written books about marketing and leadership, content marketing thought leaders, marketing technology professionals, and just really creative and passionate people who are marketing products and services in this crazy B2B world. I wanna invite guests and host guests that are passionate about what they do, and I'll be asking them to share that passion for their work, discuss successes, failures, lessons learned, tips, tricks, and really ask them to give you, the listener of this show, at least one thing they can do immediately after the show to be successful and to help you advance your career.

04:47 DH: Now, here's a little teaser of what to expect in upcoming episodes. And I can tell you we'll be hearing from the VP of Marketing from the Content Marketing Institute, and she'll be discussing her experience with how she generated leads using content marketing as a strategy, and the role that data technology and her team played in the growing of that successful organization. We're also gonna hear from a couple of authors. One will focus on leadership. His book, "Return on Leadership," and his "11 Essentials of Leadership" is something you have to tune in for. There'll be 11 different episodes as we talk about each one. I'm also excited to interview the author of "The Modern Seller." She will be talking with us about the new sales economy and the modern mindset, skillsets and tools you as a salesperson need to be successful.

05:39 DH: You're also gonna enjoy learning from B2B peers and specialist. We have a 12-episode series planned on search engine optimization. We're also gonna explore the difference between content marketing and insight marketing. I'm also excited to invite a client of ours to be a guest on the show, and she will share the creative, timely and unique ways she's using video to build brand awareness and create social engagement for her construction management company. And yet another guest who is also a client, who's gonna provide recommendations and ideas on how to build a business case for marketing and sales budget, and ways to test the market to make sure you're making a solid marketing investment.

06:21 DH: So, those are just a few of the episodes we have teed up, and there's many more to come. And I'm gonna be seeking out and connecting with and booking guests that will talk about other marketing and sales topics, everything from branding, messaging, storytelling website design development, creating effective integrated campaigns, events and trade show engagement strategies, and really catching up and talking to martech, CRM and CMS vendors about the latest and greatest, the most effective tools and applications available today.

06:53 DH: I'm constantly surprised when I talk to my peers about all the different things they're doing, the tools they're using, and how they're successfully engaging, nurturing and acquiring customers to help their organizations grow. So, here's where you can come in. If you have ideas for a possible episode or topics you'd like to be a guest on the show and talk about, or you know someone that would be a great B2B teacher and coach, make sure to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can find me by searching for Danny D. Harris. You can also send me an email with the subject line "Minds On B2B idea or guest" to dan.harris@mindson.com. The more input we get from listeners like you and the more listeners we have, the better this podcast is going to be. So, make to subscribe to the show on iTunes, or on your favorite podcast player, and that wraps up this first episode. Until next time, this is Dan Harris, please stay curious, connect often and learn always.


07:55 S1: Thanks for listening to today's Minds On B2B Podcast. If you like what you heard today, please subscribe. Also, feel free to share this episode with your peers and colleagues, so we can keep bringing you quality content from the best minds in B2B. Until next time, from all of us at Minds On, have a great week.

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